Forrest & Love - Hammered Copper Water Bottle - 900 ML

Hammered Copper Water Bottle
Capacity: 900 ml

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Sustainability meets Design
Forrest & Love Copper Bottles & Copper Glasses are created to aid in your path to a healthier lifestyle. Our bottles and glasses are TÜV certified, handcrafted and leakproof. Each of our bottles and glasses has been designed in Munich, Germany and then handcrafted by our small family run team of artisans back in India. Through functional design and exceptional craftsmanship, our copper bottles and glasses are made for drinking water and balance your body’s PH levels while reducing the negative impact of disposable plastic bottles on our planet.

Our products behold:
Sustainable material choices
Traditional artistic craftsmanship that makes every piece an art
Functional products that are healthy for you and mother earth

Treat Yourself to a Copper Detox

"Because water has memory, we are very concerned with how we store it. If you keep water in a copper vessel, preferably overnight or at least for four hours, the water acquires a certain quality from the copper which is very good for your liver in particular and your health and energy in general." ~ Sadhguru
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